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Wilson Offline

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15.09.2014 20:08
Scania R560 "Red Griffin" by Acconcia Antworten

Hello everyone. This is the last model which i built ( last week was finish). The basic model is Italeri's Scania R500, but decals are from Scania R560 HIGHLINE "RED GRIFFIN". For example I have this pictures. But afterall I decided that the color of grill must be bright. Truck have all wiring on chassis, inside the cab is driver, cb station, safety belt and curtain. Light bars are both custom made only lights are from Italeri's accesories. Trailer is in plan soon...and pictures....

The last two Scania's which i built.

Greetings, Vili

S.Oliver Offline

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16.09.2014 11:47
#2 RE: Scania R560 "Red Griffin" by Acconcia Antworten

Hallo Vili,
your Scania looks good, but I wood prefer the dark grill.


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Mart Offline

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16.09.2014 18:54
#3 RE: Scania R560 "Red Griffin" by Acconcia Antworten

Hello Vili!

The Scania looks great, also with the grey grille; thats a matter of taste. You did a lot of work!
Are the curtains stiched by your own or did You bought it at the aftermarket?
Me for my own, I prefer the real drive hubs (the conical ones) on the rear axle.



Wilson Offline

Beiträge: 22

16.09.2014 20:30
#4 RE: Scania R560 "Red Griffin" by Acconcia Antworten

Thanks Martin.

Curtains are from aftermarket (modelmakershop) but it was too big for this cabin.I must cut it a little bit and than glued piece by piece.
Yes I prefer also the conical hubs. The green Scania have conical hubs but on this pictures you can't see. I will load a pictures of my other models
during the week.

Greeting, Vili

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