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 Oldtimer Lkw`s
matteo Offline

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18.05.2013 10:10
#1 Fiat 690T Antworten

Good morning to all , is many time that i don't posted something in this superlative forum , i send some photos of my last work , Fiat 690T.Have a nice week end to all!!

16.11.14 Edit Oliver: Bilder neu eingefügt

Mart Offline

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18.05.2013 10:27
#2 Fiat 690T Antworten

Hi Matteo!

Nice to hear from You!
Great job on the Fiat! The range of axles is unusual. Was it common in Italy for semi- tractors? Very nice details like the cloth in the fuel tank filler or the chain at the rear end of frame. Looks really good!
I like Your models very much! Please, let us show more...



S.Oliver Offline

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18.05.2013 12:43
#3 RE: Fiat 690T Antworten

Hallo Matteo,

what a great FIAT from you. Looks fantastic.

by the way: what happend to the truckitalia-forum? Closed for guests


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KAWIT Offline

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18.05.2013 18:02
#4 RE: Fiat 690T Antworten

Hello Matteo,

great job! Could you give us so more pics, especially of the cab, which I suppose is completely cratch-built? Do you even have some pics of the building phase? I wonder, how you created the curved shapes of the cab. Did you heat-shape it over a master or did you file it from several layers of plastic sheet?

Love to see more of this superb model!


Reserverad Offline

Beiträge: 1.157

19.10.2013 19:32
#5 RE: Fiat 690T Antworten

Salve Matteo
Grande, Perfettamente, Incredibile, Magnificio...

da Hatti

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